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PostSubject: introduction   introduction Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 4:08 am

Im already in as coreyj8 suckered me into joining, but figured Id post here anyway just to pad my post count and get introductions out of the way...

1. What nation(s) do you have?
US, IJN, and UK
2. What is your best ship?
Define best. biggest? SoDak. most useful? Kita. what Im least likely to die in? FFX
3. Can you describe your crew at the best ship?
See above. At any rate theyre decently leveled and vetted
4. Hours you play each day?
not much. Currently about 3 hours a week as Im mostly just relearning the game now.
5. Playing Experience?
started in early 07 I think
6. What is your primary language ?
7. Any Previous Fleets or Squad?
Red vs Blue
8. Why You've decided to Join us?
To get other folks to stop begging me to join them tongue
9. What can you offer for our fleet? (loyalty or etc)
Rusty skills, poorly thought out rants, and off color jokes that only make sense in my head. And I'll be here until yall get sick of me.
10. At least there will be fleet training twice a month.
Would you like to participate?

Sure why not.
11. How old are you and where are you from?
28, earth
12. Are you the only player on your acct?

As mentioned above I was in RvB way back when they were the biggest fleet on the server. After it fell apart I kinda lost interest in the game and walked away for awhile. Eventually I remembered how much money I spent on the game so I decided to come back clown
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PostSubject: Re: introduction   introduction Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 11:45 pm

i would assume ur in the fleet... so welcome

introduction Damnvx9
introduction Stogdo10
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